Change of Placement/Least Restrictive Environment

LRE Explained

Change of Placements (formerly LRE)

This summer, the Special Services department held a focus group with principals to review the LRE process. Based on your feedback, along with recommendations from our program review, we have made significant changes to the special education procedures for recommending changes to a student’s placement (see below).

1. Notify your assigned special education coordinator regarding your concerns.

2. The special education coordinator will schedule a time to visit the campus and meet with your staff regarding the concerns and to offer support and services available to meet the needs of the student. Recommendations will be made collaboratively and implemented before recommending a change of placement.

3. The special education coordinator will collaborate with any specialized support staff needed to implement recommendations, and the team will come back together to review data and progress based on the implementation of previous recommendations.

4. If it is determined that the interventions have not been successful, or if during the initial staffing a change of placement is being considered because resources have been exhausted in the student’s current placement, then the principal and special education coordinator will sign the change of placement checklist ensuring that all resources have been utilized and that the team has reviewed all areas of the students circumstances before recommending* a change of placement.

5. If the recommended program will NOT result in a change of campuses, the campus will schedule a Review ARD to make placement recommendations.

6. If the recommended program WILL result in the student changing campuses to access the recommended program, the campus coordinator will collaborate with the Director of Special Education and Assistant Superintendent to determine the location of services.
a. Once location is determined the special education coordinator will communicate with both sending and receiving campus to review the recommendation and schedule a staffing so that a transition plan can be developed.
b. Following the staffing, the home campus will schedule a Review ARD at a mutually agreeable time between both campuses to make placement recommendations.

*Final decisions regarding student programming and placement will be determined by the student’s ARD committee

Change of Placement Resources (LRE)