Oral Administration

Defined:  Oral Administration allows class materials, quizzes, and test material to be read aloud to a student with a disability. This
accommodation should be used routinely and effectively during classroom instruction, assignments and assessments. It should
not be provided in lieu of literacy interventions but rather it is provided to allow the student access to the general education
curriculum while their reading skills are being strengthened. Additionally, Reading Support/Oral Administration has varying levels
of teacher provided support that must be documented and outlined in the IEP
(Make Your Own Free Text-to-Speech Animations at Voki.com)

Have you considered using Text to Speech or making a video/audio file to provide Oral Administration services? 

Example of a Youtube Video to Provide Oral Admin

Using Google and Edmodo for Oral Administration

Have you ever considered using your browser to read text, passages, assessments?

SpeakIt! How-to

    • Sample Reading Passage - LINK 
    • Sample Online Assessment - LINK

Oral Administration - Resources