Accommodation: Assignment Labels

Accommodation labels are one way to show how a student's assignments have been embedded with the individualized supports necessary for them to access the general curriculum.  These labels can be attached to student work in many different ways.  They key is to keep it discrete:
  • Place the  label on the assignment before it is copied for the entire class and wait to mark the accommodations on the label until the student has turned in the assignment
  • Place a sticker on the assignment and mark the accommodations used after it has been submitted for grading by the student. 
  • keep a sticker on a blank index card with the assignment title and date with marked accommodations and grade in the student's classroom file.
Best practices state that assignment labels should be done for all assignments. However, at minimum Spring ISD requires that teachers keep a copy of each assignment (with marked accommodations) in the student's file for all grades that are entered in the grade book.

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