Case Managers Should...

Maintain a Case Manager/Student Monitoring folder or binder that includes:
1.A Parent Contact/Conference Log -  LINK
2.Documentation of delivery of IEPs, BIPs, modifications and accommodations
3.The students schedule of services page from the latest IEP meeting
4.The student’s current schedule
5.The student’s current IEP goals and objectives
6.A copy of the BIP (if needed)
7.The student’s STAAR testing information
8.Copies of needed supplemental aides
9.A page showing the assessment eligibility
10.A student summary page or the last PLAAFP statement
Collect data on Student Progress with mastering IEP Goals/Obectives & Course Content
1.Annual Goals & Objectives performance data collection documentation
2.Student use of and need for specific accommodations
 3.Student assignment grades & performance with & without accommodations
 4.Student attendance
 5.Student discipline infractions
Follow the pre-ARD checklist form when prepping for ARDs
1.Review and prepare PLAAFP statements
2.Review, update and prepare IEP goals and objectives
3.Determine what accommodations to propose to the ARDC using data
Submit draft IEP meeting paperwork to the DC/TL and Parent 5 days prior to the ARD
Make needed corrections to the draft IEP paperwork prior to the ARD
Read CM students’ current  FIEs, PLAAFPs, IEPs, and BIPs
Be familiar with characteristics of disability conditions and their impact on instruction

All teachers should maintain documentation for  students receiving special services. The S.T.E.P Binder below is how to accomplish this task. 

STEP Binder