Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS)

The Spring Independent School District Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS) program is a district-wide behavioral management system that is designed for students with behavioral issues that are negatively impacting their academic progress. The purpose of PASS is to provide supports and services that meet the social and emotional needs of students in the least restrictive environment. PASS is not a punitive approach to correcting inappropriate behavior. It is designed to teach students appropriate replacement behaviors for the maladaptive behavior(s) that interfere with their education. The students targeted for these services receive their academic instruction in the general education setting.


Qualifying Descriptors:

In Spring ISD, students must currently be eligible for special education services in order to be considered for the PASS program.  Students qualify for special education services through an appropriate Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) and the ARD Committee determines a student’s educational need for special education services and supports. Any student eligible for special education services may be considered for the PASS program; however, most  students participating in this program are students with an Emotional Disturbance (ED) or Other Health Impairment (OHI with a diagnosis of ADHD) who have been through previous interventions and have been continually unsuccessful.  Behaviors might include, but are not limited to the following:


·         Significant non-compliance with request and directives

·         Verbal aggression (profanity & threats)

·         Opposition and/or defiance toward adults

·         Mild physical aggression

·         Short attention span/impulsiveness

·         Inappropriate crying, temper outbursts, or poor coping skills


Description of Support:

The PASS program incorporates positive behavior supports as well as scientifically-based research practices and interventions. PASS involves four phases of implementation:

           1.  Pre-Placement

           2.  Orientation

           3.  Inclusion & Maintenance

           4.  Aftercare

PASS is not an academic instructional environment.  The purpose of the program is to provide behavioral instruction and teach replacement behaviors.  Students progress through the phases beginning with orientation. This is a brief period of self-contained behavior instruction in pro-social replacement behaviors. Students advance to full inclusion in general education classes with individually determined levels of monitoring. PASS students are monitored by a highly trained PASS Teacher and Assistant.