Structured Learning (SL)

Program Description:

The Structured Learning program is designed to address the needs of students with a complex developmental disorder that affects how the student behaves, interacts with others, communicates, and learns. The areas of focus include self help skills, communication, behavior, academics and vocational.


A low student to staff ratio is provided in what would be considered restrictive educational setting. Students  are provided program support that will facilitate their progression toward greater independence.  After careful review of assessments, data and behavior issues, placement in Structured Learning program is an ARD Committee decision.


Qualifying Descriptors:

·         Communication and Self Help Skill Deficits

·         Maladaptive Behaviors

·         Social Skills Deficits

·         Need for support across settings 


Description of Support: 

Students who participate in the Structured Learning program receive a variety of support services including but not limited to:  Small Group Instruction, Direct Teach, Assistive Technology, Transition support, Visual Supports, Structured Schedules, Positive Behavioral Supports, Reinforcement Strategies, Redirection, Sign Language, Picture Exchange System, Consistent Routines, Errorless Learning, Redirection, Prompting, and Prompt Fading.