Team Teaching

In team teaching, both certified instructors deliver the instruction at the same time in a way that is similar to each other while addressing the learning styles and individual needs of the students in the classroom. 

The purpose of teaming is to share the role of the lead teacher in delivering instruction and providing student support.

• Both teachers plan for the instruction
• Both teachers share the delivery of instruction and have equally active roles in leading the class.
• Both teachers are actively engaged in the delivery of differentiated instruction.
• Both teachers address student behaviors.
• Both teachers participate in grading.
• Both teachers provide accommodations.

Sample Lesson/Activity for Team Teaching:
A general educator and a specialist teach a whole-group lesson on fractions. The specialist introduces the concept and provides initial instruction. The general educator directs the guided practice and evaluation. In future lessons, the partners may reverse roles.

Look for
• General and special educators sharing the delivery of instruction.
• Both teachers share all components of assessing students.
• Teaching collaboratively with equitable instructional responsibilities.
• There is a wide variety of instructional materials available to meet the individual needs of the students.

Team Teaching Primary

Team Teaching - Secondary

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