Station Teaching

Station teaching is best utilized when content is not required to be taught in sequential order. In station teaching, co-teach partners divide instructional content into segments to be delivered at two or more stations. Diverse student groups are established and evenly distributed at each station. All students will have the opportunity to rotate from one station to the next. These stations may include (but are not limited to) manipulatives, graphic organizers, technology, teacher-directed instruction, independent practice.

This approach is beneficial as it allows teachers the flexibility to:

•  create small group activities 
•  respond to individual student needs 
•  answer student questions
•  provide independent practice
•  incorporate hands on activities that deepen learning.

The purpose of station teaching is to decrease student-teacher ratio, present targeted instructional content and/or cooperative learning.

• Both teachers plan for the instruction.
• Teachers divide content and students into 3 or more groups.
• Each teacher then teaches the content to one group and subsequently repeats the instruction for the other groups.
• The third station allows students an opportunity to work independently in a small group.
• All students receive instruction from both teachers.

Sample Lesson/Activity for Station Teaching
A specialist works with a small group of students on prewriting, while other students are working with the general educator on research skills. Another group of students is using the classroom computer to research a topic. Over the course of the week, all students work at each task/station.

Look for
• A heterogeneous classroom with flexible grouping.
• Lessons should incorporate student participation 
through discussion and activities.
• This approach is used when each station’s content can 
be taught independently from the other and the 
sequence of the instruction presented is 

Frequent use of this model is highly recommended.

Station Teaching - Primary

Station Teaching - Secondary

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