Alternative Teaching

The alternative co-teaching model allows teachers to work with a small group of students for a period of time to provide interventions, modified instruction or enrichment as determined by class/individual student data.

The purpose of alternative teaching is to provide pre-teaching, re-teaching, and/or accelerated content to students based on data from previous lessons, CFAs, DFAs, etc.

• Collaborative planning by general and special education teachers.
• One teacher takes responsibility for the large group while the other works with a smaller group for a specific instructional purpose.
• This approach is used sparingly to avoid the perception of a special needs pullout within the classroom for a select group of students.
• Duration of the small group instruction is short (no more than 10-15 min) to give students time to receive the large group instruction or to complete their assignments.

Sample Lesson/Activity for Alternative Teaching
The specialist works with a small group of students on an enrichment project, while the general educator teaches the remainder of the students. In future lessons, the partners may reverse roles.

Look for
• Small-group sessions are used for pre-teaching, remediation, acceleration, assessment, or enrichment.
• Teachers alternating responsibilities between the instruction of the whole group and the small group.

Alternative Teaching - When and How

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