The Model-Lead-Test strategy is an excellent strategy to use in mathematics, especially with older students (grades 4-12). This strategy involves the teacher modeling the problem for the student, leading them through the problem, and then testing them on what they have learned.

Teacher will model various math problems such as slope, multiplication, division etc. with the students.                 The teacher will model examples for the students to follow.

The teacher will then give each student the same problem, and lead the students through it. The teacher will           allow the students to practice how to correctly assess the problem.

After modeling the problem and leading the problem with the students, the teacher will then give the students          their own problem to try by themselves. This will allow the students to "test" the type of problems they have            been learning at hand.  When the students are tested this will enable the teachers to see whether or not the          students have understood the problem through the Model-Test-Lead strategy.

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