Out of District Placement

What's Required

Texas Administrative Code § 89.61. Contracting for Residential Educational Placements for Students with Disabilities. Residential placement. A school district may contract for residential placement of a student when the student's admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee determines that a residential placement is necessary in order for the student to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE). The school district has the following responsibilities when making a residential placement:
  • Before the school district places a student with a disability in, or refers a student to, a residential facility, the district shall initiate and conduct a meeting of the student's ARD committee to develop an IEP for the student in accordance with 34 Code of Federal Regulations, §§300.320-300.325, state statutes, and commissioner of education rules.

What We Do

In very rare occasions, based on the level of care needed, a student may require educational services that extend outside the scope of a typical school setting. This support provides a highly restrictive, therapeutic environment under the direct care of psychological services.  This extreme level of care requires that the student be instructed in a facility outside of the SISD District.  Depending on the nature of the student's needs, the student may travel to and from the facility on a daily basis or may need residential services to maintain a safe environment that prevents the student from injuring him/herself and that is conducive to learning.  

This instructional arrangement is considered only after all in-district services and placement options have been exhausted and the student needs the highest level of restriction to access the general education curriculum in a location that maintains the safety of the individual as well as the student's peers, teachers, and administrators.