Design Team

The manual is a living document and will continue to improve with your support. Please upload any activities that you would like to include in the manual to the drive folder below. We look forward to seeing the awesome ideas and activities that you have created. 

All individuals who contribute to the manual will have their names added the Design Team Wall of Fame

To Upload your file log in your spring account and click the link below:

Ongoing Spring ISD SpEd Manual Collaborative

Allen, Veronica
Allman, Kirsten
Barton, Katrina
Burgin, Cathy Dr. 
Fogle-Simon, Telicia
Furrh, Jeff
Guzzetta, Amy
Harrison, Edrick
Henry, Rose
Hess, Chris
Hilbert, Jerry
Hill, Andrea
Hooks, Retina
Houston ISD
Lebron, Ayana
Lincoln, Winona
Lopez, Norma
Manning, Chandra
McNabb, Mandy
Myer, Dan
Olsen, Karin
Owens, Leanne
Pariseau, Matt
Patterson, Kelley
Podaridis, Gail
Region 4
Robertson, Dentrice
Rodgers, Amber
Russel, Matt
Sanford, Sarah
Smith, Holly
Tiske, Theresa
Tubb, Melissa
Villalta, Elizabeth
Wrenn, Sara

Matt Pariseau,
Aug 8, 2014, 11:49 AM