Long-Term Retrieval (Glr)

The ability to store new information and fluently retrieve stored information through association.
Recommendations for Accommodations
  • Provide overlearning, review, and repetition.
  • Provide immediate feedback. 
  • Keep oral directions short and simple.
  • Provide a list of steps that will help organize behavior and facilitate recall.
  • Teach memory aids such as verbal mediation or rehearsal, and mnemonic strategies (e.g., Keyword, Method of Loci).
  • Have students paraphrase directions to ensure understanding
  • Provide multisensory learning; use visual, kinesthetic, vocal, and auditory channels as appropriate.
  • Provide visual cues for the directions or steps to be followed.
  • Provide context and meaning-based instruction.
  • Limit the number of new facts, words, concepts presented in one session.
  • Provide time and coach the student in how to spend time studying and rehearsing information during     instructional down time and at home.