Processing Speed (Gs)

The ability to automatically and fluently perform relatively easy or over-learned cognitive tasks, especially when high mental efficiency (i.e., attention and focused concentration) is required.
Recommendations for Accommodations 
  • Provide more time to complete assignments (extended time).
  • Reduce quantity of work in favor of quality.
  • Break large assignments into two or more components. 
  • Eliminate, limit or structure copying activities.
  • Provide activities to increase rate and fluency (e.g., flash cards, speed drills, educational software)
  • Emphasize accuracy rather than speed.
  • Provide a scribe or voice-to-text software to record answers to accommodate for slow writing fluency.
  • Use formats with reduced written output formats (e.g, multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank) to accommodate for slow writing fluency.