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STAAR Alt (Alternate) 2

TEA has developed the STAAR Alternate assessment to meet the federal requirements mandated under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), a federal education law previously known as No Child Left Behind. TEA designed the STAAR Alternate to assess students in grades 3–8 and high school who have significant cognitive disabilities and are receiving special education services.

To be eligible to participate in STAAR Alternate, the answer to all four of the questions below must be Yes. If the answer to any of the questions is No, the student is not eligible to participate in STAAR Alternate and must participate in one of the other statewide assessments. Each Yes answer requires a justification that contains evidence that the student meets the criterion.
  1. Does the student have a significant cognitive disability? 
  2. Does the student require specialized supports to access the grade-level curriculum and environment?
  3. Does the student require intensive, individualized instruction in a variety of instructional settings? 
  4. Does the student access and participate in the grade-level TEKS through prerequisite skills? 

STAAR Alternate 2 Essence Statements (2018-2019)

STAAR ALT 2 Framework

  • Reading (PDF)
  • Writing (PDF)
  • Science (PDF)

  • See the resources below or go directly to the STAAR Alternate Assessment website for more information.

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